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DRC has the second evergreen forest in the world ,  with wildlife and cultural diversity . With nearly 50 % of the rainforests, this forest river system drains the second in the world. It is also the second largest carbon reservoir in the world


Since 1959, the DRC is one of the 52 countries in which WCS operates the world; it is also one of 17 African countries beneficiaries of interventions WCS. Since then, WCS has implemented conservation projects in Ituri since 1986 and has gradually spread throughout the national territory. WCS-DRC served as a reference for organizations involved in the Conservation of Nature for its expertise and scientific methodology based on the discovery, protection and awareness. Thus was born the CEFRECOF (Centre de Formation et de Recherche en Ecologie Forestière) in 1992, whose main purpose is to train qualified personnel for research on the national ecosystem. 

WCS has led several exploratory studies on the national territory: Since 1994 until 1996, WCS has conducted research in the National Parks of the Maiko and Kahuzi-Biega Itombwe. In 2003 WCS-Congo has extended its action on 10 projects. We have several national parks (Virunga and Kahuzi-Biega Salonga) and several reserves (The Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Itombwe Sankuru and Kabogo-Musotshi).

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